Banana filled with Nutella

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The Banana filled with Nutella is the ultimate Gourmet Paleta, fresh banana slices and delicious rich cream mixed filled with Creamy chocolate yumminess Nutella.



Well this is one of the best worldwide ideas, Nutella with Banana J and we really wanted to honor this idea with a great flavor.

It started with the making of the Banana icecream recipe, we use natural bananas and then we mix them with a small amount of water,  at the same time we prepare a vanilla caramel extract that will blend with the bananas mix and then the cream.  This process will get the banana flavor to its full.

Then we filled the Paleta with Nutella, with our handcrafted filling process, making sure that the right amount of Nutella is inside each Paleta.

This Paleta is great with any of the dipping option Dark or White chocolate, some people like half and half and it is great,  we like to add as topping some crunchiness such as peanuts, almonds or chocolate sprinkles.

1 review for Banana filled with Nutella

  1. Jennie

    My favorite!!! Delicious!!!

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