Belgian Chocolate

Belgian Chocolate Icepop!

Rich and Creamy Belgian Chocolate Paleta with a touch of Brazilian cocoa. We use Chocolate with origin certification from Brasil and Ethiopia.

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Our Chocolate Paleta is for real chocolate lovers, not too dark or too sweet, or too milky, we really blend the best of the best chocolate ingredients to make a perfect Belgian Chocolate.   We used 3 different chocolates and cocoa. The chocolate blend needs to be perfect we added the 3 chocolates at three different temperatures to have the perfect mix of flavors with the right amount of water and cream.

This is a Gelato recipe with less air than Gelato and ice cream, it is very intense and creamy on every bite.

The perfect chocolate ice bar it can be combined with different dipping and toppings such as S’mores dip or white chocolate with chocolate sprinkles for a full chocolate experience.


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