Coconut (v)

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Coconut icepop!

Delicious refreshing Coconut using coconut chunks, coconut cream, and a bit of sugar.


Our coconut Paleta is one of the best-selling flavors, we use fresh coconut meat, plus coconut milk. When you eat this Paleta you will feel the chunks and fibers of coconut,  we manage to keep it natural with flavor,  very different from those fake or artificial coconut flavors that are extremely sweet.

It is a great option for a hot day, but at the same time creamy for cold nights when you add a dark chocolate dipping or s’mores options is delicious and if you love coconut you add also coconut flakes as your topping choice.

This Paleta is Vegan (Dairy-Free)

1 review for Coconut (v)

  1. Ed

    The fillet mignon of paletas

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