greek yogurt & wild berries

Greek Yogurt Icepop!

The Greek Yogurt & Wild Berries Paleta made with a thick and Creamy Authentic Greek Yogurt mixed with a combination of berries to create an unmatched taste.

Product Description

First we made the Greek Yogurt making sure that it is thick and tasty.  Then we macerate different berries at 104 Fahrenheit for 45 minutes with a touch of sugar and water, the warm temperature release the flavors from the mix of berries slowly.

Once we have the yogurt and the mix of berries, we manually mix them, allowing the two recipes to blend on a white and purple blue marble, this process is fully handcrafted and important to not over mix so on every bite you can feel the sour of the yogurt and the sweet of the berries separate but complementary.

This creamy Paleta has a perfect match with White Chocolate dip and peanuts or almonds as toppings.


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