Passion Fruit filled with Condensed Milk

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The perfect combination of the exotic, sweet and sour. Our filled Passion Fruit Paleta (Maracuya).


As with do with our Strawberry Filled Paleta, first we prepare a sorbet base with natural passion fruit, no pulp, we picked the fruit and prepare a mix including seeds.  We strain the recipe to take out the seeds but preserve all the flavor.

Then we filled the Paleta with condensed milk, making sure that the amount is perfect so you can taste the maracuya mixed with condensed milk on every bite.

This is one of the top selling paletas as the combination of these 2 flavors are fantastic, Passion fruit will all its sour, sweet and acid exoticness plus the condensed milk is definitely and explosion of flavor.

This is very refreshing, the right amount of sweetness and you can pimp it with white chocolate dipping or if you want to try something different, cover it with Miguelito, you will taste a very original blend of flavors, believe us, this is one of the best.

2 reviews for Passion Fruit filled with Condensed Milk

  1. Jocelyn Wensjoe

    Absolutely love this place! this is the best popsicle I’ve tried so far. I really like the combination of sour with sweet, both flavors really balanced out. This place is so good I started going three times a week with my family. If I weren’t in another country currently I would still be going every week. You can really taste how natural the flavors are and I love that! Hope they start opening in other countries like Europe.

  2. Myrna

    Combinación perfecta de ácido y dulce, su sabor es delicioso!

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