OREO Cookies & Cream

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Cookies and Cream Icepop!

Like Oreos? The Cookies and Cream Paleta is your Paleta of choice. Better than Oreo Ice Cream, with extra Oreo Cookie Crumbs.



Ohh yes,  here is where you can compare our Paleta versus any cookies and cream Ice Cream and you will see that we do not save money on putting small quantities of cookies with cream.  When we were creating this flavor our main objective was that you feel the cookies on every bite and that the even the cream mix taste like oreo cream, you can even see an Oreo on the front of the Paleta, because we use real Oreos.

As in any of our creamy paletas you will taste less air and more intense flavor than ice cream or Gelato, in this case more Oreo flavor.

This is one of our best selling Paletas and not by chance it is really what people is looking on a Cookies and Cream Icebar, intense flavor, real oreos, crumbs on every bite.

This is a Paleta that taste very good with dark or white chocolate dipping and then put more Oreo crumbs as topping. S’mores dipping is also a great choice.

9 reviews for OREO Cookies & Cream

  1. Margarita

    Awesome!!! Either with white chocolate or with their new dark chocolate hazenut (dont worry its not too dark).

  2. Michelle Estrada


  3. Ben Dover

    this flavor is wonderful! it’s like eating cookies and cream ice cream, but better! i love dipping it in the chocolate and hazelnut dip and covering it in oreo crumbs. you guys are wonderful!

  4. Heywood Jablowme & Jen A. Talia

    this is my son, Richard’s, favorite ice cream. he loves to eat it by itself. my daughter, Jenna, loves the strawberry ones. thank you for your hard work!!

  5. Ani

    So so yummy! I had it plain and was so satisfied.

  6. Ame

    so goodddddd! I loved this paleta i had it with a nutella drizzle and oreo crumbs i loved it! These paletas are the best. So satisfied!

  7. Isadora Dancy

    Love this paleta!!! It is the BEST when they turn it into a milk shake! Would recommend it for anyone!

  8. Hunter Glenn

    The best cookies and cream popsicle I have ever had!

  9. Frank


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