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freshness and high-quality natural ingredients are the main contributors
to the unique taste and quality of morelia gourmet paletas. ice cream, icepops!


  • banana filled with nutella

  • belgian chocolate

  • belgian chocolate filled with baileys irish cream – discontinued

  • coconut

  • Coffee filled with Cream

  • Oreo Paletas Icepop

    cookies and cream

  • greek yogurt & wild berries

  • lime

  • Maracuya Condensed Milk Paleta Icepop

    maracuya filled with condensed milk

  • paletas de dulce de leche

  • pineapple and mint

  • Sicilian Pistachio Paleta

    sicilian pistachio

  • strawberry cheesecake

  • strawberry filled with condensed milk

  • Strawberry Paleta icepop

    strawberry paleta

  • tamarind filled with condensed milk

  • mango