This is how we started
Morelia Ice Cream Gourmet Paletas

coming up with the idea...

Nutella Drizzle

It all started when long time friends, passionate about ice cream, decided to embark on a mission to create the BEST ICE CREAM EXPERIENCE…

While living in Brazil, we had the opportunity to try Mexican Paletas for the first time.

We tried them and it was love at first sight, then we decided to embark on a search for the best paletas and our weekends became a ritual where our families came along to help us find the perfect paleta. 


After trying hundreds of paletas we came to the conclusion that there wasn’t a place where we could find the flavors and quality we were expecting.


Wait, But…


Paletas are Popsicles and Mexican Paletas are way bigger than normal ice pops, hand-made, artisanal and made with 100% natural ingredients.

Read more details on what is a paleta and what are paletas made from?

It was then that we decided to make our own paletas that would be extraordinary from the first bite to the last one in different flavors. 

The challenge took us on several trips to Argentina, Peru and Brazil looking for the best training available, we even set up a lab inside one of our apartments.

Nighttime became a magic moment where we would combine unique ingredients and recipes.

We had the toughest judges, our own children. 😀

Kid eating Paletas Morelia - Strawberry Flavor Popsicle

The journey



After getting a consistent smile from our judges for every flavor we had created, we decided to share our paletas with the rest of the world.

We agreed to start this journey in Miami for being a city of incredible cultural diversity, a cradle of new trends and amazing weather all year long.

We opened our first location in Coral Gables back in October of 2016, and we have the commitment of bringing the best ice cream experience to more parts of the world.

We decided to name it MORELIA, as it is the capital city of the State of Michoacán in Mexico, where it is believed the first paletas originated by people adding fresh fruit to ice and refresh from the high temperatures.

The city of Morelia was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its well-preserved colonial buildings and layout of the historic center.



Why Morelia?

what about the logo?

The Catrina

Our logo resembles a Mexican Catrina, which is a symbol of the “Day of the Dead” in Mexico, but it is a tradition full of life. The Catrina means equality, union and culture. Equality as we are all made of bones and Union as we are equal, regardless of gender, sex or culture.

If you watched the Disney Movie “Coco”, you might see some familiarity with our logo.