Coffee filled with Cream – Discontinued

The Cappuccino Paleta filled with Crème Chantilly is Gelato recipe made with bold italian espresso beans filled with crème Chantilly, a more elegant and delicate version of whipped cream.

This is one of our greatest recipes, different from any competitor we really take care of the coffee cream making process.  First we make coffee in our Italian espresso machine, with the finest coffee beans, then we use an old Gelato recipe we learned in Sicily, this recipe includes milk but also egg yolk as the special ingredient to make a soft cream during the pasteurization process. This cream mixed with coffee while warming is what really makes a good coffee ice cream.

Then we make the perfect coffee base for cappuccino,   this is when we fill it with the Chantilly Cream, which similar to whipped cream, but thicker and sweet.

For those who love coffee, this is a perfect Paleta, it can be dipped with white or dark chocolate and then peanuts or almonds for a final great touch.