Sicilian Pistachio

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Made with Imported Italian pistachio paste, a gelato recipe made with Authentic High Quality Sicilian Ingredients converted in a Paleta – Ice popsicle.


Morelia Gourmet Paleta Sicilian Pistachio, is made with an old Gelato recipe but with less air than Gelato and also less air than ice cream, this provides a unique tasting experience with more concentration of pure intense Pistachio o every bite.

This sweet cream is blended with pistachio paste and real dry roasted Sicilian pistachios.  We were able to make this Paleta intense, creamy and crunchy at the same time.

This Pistachio Paleta is ideal covered in dark chocolate dip and then add more roasted pistachios outside for an explosion of flavor.

One of the owners is married with a Sicilian and she and the nonno´s confirmed, this is one of the best Pistachio ice creams they have tried.

2 reviews for Sicilian Pistachio

  1. Khaled Ghalayini

    I come from the Middle East, and the Levant region is known to have one of the better ice cream in the world. Our ice cream is usually pounded then covered with crushed roasted pistachios. That taste is great and the Sicilian Pistachio was as good. Thank you for bringing an old favorite taste to me while here in the United States of America.

  2. Caitlyn Miranda


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