strawberry filled with condensed milk

The Strawberry filled with Condensed Milk is a flavor jam-packed with fresh strawberries, cheesecake-greatness and a fantastic graham-cracker swirl. Specially made for cheesecake lovers.



Delicious Fresh Strawberries filled with condensed milk, sorbet outside creamy inside.

It is the same recipe we use for our fruity paletas,  first we picked fresh strawberries and macerate them for ours on a warm mix with sugar, this will release the flavor at its full.

Then we prepare the strawberry mix with a sorbet recipe base to make sure it is a fresh taste and sensation, this is key to find the right balance between the strawberry sorbet and the filling.

Then we filled the Paleta with condensed milk,  it has to be the right amount, so you can taste the condensed milk and the strawberry sorbet on every bite, this is a nice combination of flavors.


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