Strawberry Sorbet

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Strawberry Icepop!

The Strawberry Paleta made with Fresh and Natural Strawberries that you can taste on every bite.

Dairy-Free Choice


This is how we make our strawberry paleta: First we pick fresh strawberries and macerate them for hours on a warm mix with sugar, this will release the flavor at its full, we do not use colorants to make it look more red or artificial flavors, we make sure that using natural strawberries and with the right artisan process we can release the best natural flavor you want to taste.

You will feel strawberry pieces when eating this Paleta, you will see the strawberries,  this is a very natural and fresh Paleta, one of the favorite fruity ones.

It is great plain but it can be combined with any dipping dark or white chocolate and it tastes great.

2 reviews for Strawberry Sorbet

  1. Dina Ghalayini

    By far the Strawberry paleta is the best sorbet-type ice cream I have ever tasted. It changed my previous conception of the the ice cream on a stick. It is ‘out of this world’ as the saying goes.

  2. Isadora Dancy

    I love all the Paletas but the strawberry is by far my favorite! The workers are always so friendly and amazing all the time I keep coming back for more! I think I have had the strawberry paleta almost every time I go(like twice a week). I would so recommend the strawberry for any and everyone!

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