Mango Sorbet

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100% natural & fresh mango fruit. Dairy-Free Choice.

The Mango Paleta is a 100% natural & fresh mango fruit. Dairy-Free Choice.

We use the most beautiful Mangos for our Paletas.


The process to make a fruit Paleta seems simple, but it has a secret, which is to really honor the natural ingredient we are using.  And this is what we do with our Mango Paleta,  we picked the best possible natural fruit, NO-pulp and then the second secret is the game between the sugars, water and temperatures to make sure we keep the flavor, it is refreshing but it is not icy, so you can taste a soft pure mango cream,  when you bite the Mango Paleta you can feel the Mango fibers and all the freshness of this tropical fruit.

This Paleta is very creamy and refreshing, but we don´t use any milk or dairy product,  it is a great celiac choice as well.

One the most exotic but refreshing options for topping in this Paleta is our Miguelito “Spice Sugar”,  it is just a very delicate spicy flavor with a touch of sweetness, trust us it is super tasty and you will come back for more.

2 reviews for Mango Sorbet

  1. Ame

    I’ve been to Morelia several times but this one was my first one. It’s so fresh and fruity, I recommend this paleta on a hot summer day!

  2. Renata Abusada

    Espectacular!!! So creamy yet refreshing. It’s like eating a Mango on a stick. 100 natural. With Chamoy was the best choice!!

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