Here in America, we love our frozen treats. According to research, the U.S. leads the world in ice cream consumption, with the average person enjoying 26 liters of ice cream every year. Pop into any popsicle store or the best establishment for frozen yogurt Aventura Mall has to offer and you’ll probably see lines down the block. But although any frozen dessert has to be good, they aren’t all interchangeable. What exactly is the difference between the types of ice cream Aventura has to provide and the frozen yogurts you can find throughout Miami?

How do ice cream and frozen yogurt differ?

When you sample the types of frozen yogurt Aventura Mall shoppers love or get a cone of dulce de leche ice cream from your favorite shop, you might not be inclined to analyze the subtle differences between these two types of frozen desserts. Although they’re made using the same basic process, there are a few distinctions between them. They are…

The differences between these treats might be obvious only to a frozen dessert aficionado. For most people, either option will be a delicious one. 


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